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NPST construction with two twinned seperately screened parallel cables with seperate centre core for positive and negative runs (instead of using screen for neg). More information balance and control. NVA TIS are revolutionary new cables utilizing military grade materials used in aircraft radars. This superior material offers unparalleled detail, nuance, dynamics and stereo image stability. TIS are recommended for all connections in NVA systems. Try NVA TIS with any type of hi-fi. We believe you'll be surprised with the results.

The differences compared with the cheaper NVA SC SSC and SSP is in material used not so much the raw cable design. Large Solid (not stranded) silver alloy centre core with a Gore-tex dielectric. Precision manufactured by only one company world wide in Germany and we have exclusive use for audio. Screen is siver alloy foil surrounded by silver alloy braid surround by low leakage polymer sleeve. Two of these are used in shotgun mode for both pos and neg cable runs. The twined cables are surrounded by a quality heatshrink and to finish off an outer braid / faraday cage of silver plated steel mesh.

Bespoke cable lengths please contact us to discuss your requirement.


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"I bought my 70cm TIS set and also, changed SC to SSC. SC to SSC makes a fundamental change to the bass in my system – a definite 'Higher Fidelity' change and upgrade to me, but the TIS is more subtle and in my lashup I find it's the WAY I appreciate the music that's enhanced - it's not a 'HiFi' kind of difference on my stuff. The BMU is the same in this locale (I've always thought we have half-decent mains here). All I can say is that the emotional connection with the WAY voices sing and speak and instruments are played and mixed into the whole that is so beautifully improved." 

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Return Policy

Important Information - Read Before Ordering

Please note all NVA products are built to order so therefore there will be a delivery delay as the production and testing is scheduled. Average delivery time is five to seven days but can on occasion go to 10-14 days depending upon order pressure.

NVA offer a 100% trade in value on our products. If you trade up within the NVA range of products within two years of your purchase date (only applicable to direct sales from us or through eBay). After that date we will still trade in your item but on a sliding scale as to age and condition of the item. You must print out and keep your eBay receipt or invoice to verify your purchase date.

This service and offer is quite unique in the world of audio and hifi.