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Our 'entry level' interconnect and a first step in ensuring that the signal passing between the components of a musical reproduction system is kept as close to the original as possible. Signal degradation is kept low by these brown teflon covered multistrand silver alloy cables terminated by quality gold plated plugs. This cable provides a cost effective solution in any hi-fi system.

For bespoke cable lengths please contact us to discuss your requirement.

NVA interconnects are designed to preserve the musical signal running between the parts of your system.

They are selected and designed to work with NVA Amplifiers and Preamplifiers but many customers have found that they provide an effective, value for money improvement when used in other systems.


Customer Review

"After trying the Van Damme ultra white and the Klotz AC110 looms in my system without success progress ground to a halt. I was using a loom of the Belkin 'Pure AV' but was not entirely happy with it. Since I use an NVA passive pre I decided to consult NVA who unsurprisingly recommended using their cables, on the grounds that with a passive pre you need as low capacitance and resistance as possible.

So I had a punt on a loom of 'Soundcords' at 14 each delivered hardly breaking the bank plus there is a 28 day no quibble refund policy. Delivery was quick. The cables are very very thin with blingy gold plugs on them, they don't look like much but when I hooked them up it was a different story. I could tell from the first bar of music that this was a 'big' difference. I wasn't getting a bad sound with the Belkins but these cables have moved everything up a couple of notches. Particularly noticeable was the top end, which had opened up a lot, with lovely shimmer and decay on cymbals where previously I ws thinking that the B&O CD player I am currently playing with was just a bit too shut in 'up top' for my tastes.

The overall tone of the system was now sonorous and *very* sweet, without any hint of the slight fuzzy distortion that had been there previously. If I have one criticism (and it is churlish for a cable that only costs 14 delivered) it is that there is the loss of a little drive and slam in the bass compared to the Belkin loom. Not enough to be a deal-breaker but there nonetheless. I am advised by NVA that this should be remedied by upgrading to the more expensive cables that they offer. Well I've already blown the hi-fi budget for 2014 but based on the performance of these sound cords I am going to have to give the pricier option a try. I would certainly recommed trying these cables in your system, especially if you are using a passive pre."

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Return Policy

Important Information - Read Before Ordering

Please note all NVA products are built to order so therefore there will be a delivery delay as the production and testing is scheduled. Average delivery time is five to seven days but can on occasion go to 10-14 days depending upon order pressure.

NVA offer a 100% trade in value on our products. If you trade up within the NVA range of products within two years of your purchase date (only applicable to direct sales from us or through eBay). After that date we will still trade in your item but on a sliding scale as to age and condition of the item. You must print out and keep your eBay receipt or invoice to verify your purchase date.

This service and offer is quite unique in the world of audio and hifi.