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Complete set of stereo cables for two loudspeakers.

LS5 is a 28 core (LS1 is 7 core - LS3 is 14 core) version of LS1 – the sound character is the same but more so (ultimate increased dynamic range and low frequency extension) it is applicable where long runs or high current capacity is required or you wish to have extra low frequency extension and definition where the amplifier and loudspeakers are capable of producing and reproducing it.

Professional Musicians Review

Transient dynamics have gained further weight, as has the level of bass response. Rhythm is more metronomic, locked-down, gaining direction ie it's easier to detect where things are going. To use an analogy, it's as though a darkened room has been lit up and the furniture is now visible - and most importantly we're not tripping over it!

Some customers have noted the 'LS5 effect' as being akin to moving to a larger power amplifier"


Customer Review 1

"The LS5 reminds me of the heavier duty CT Concert 2 I used to sell, but possibly better, the sound being more 'positive' and better in the bass, yet totally unforced - the way I expect a heavier duty cable of quality to provide." 

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Customer Review 2

"The LS5 is so good with everything I've used it with."

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