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Complete set of stereo cables for two loudspeakers.

14 core (LS1 is 7 core) version of LS1 – the sound character is the same but more so (increased dynamic range and low frequency extension) it is applicable where long runs or high current capacity is required or you wish to have extra low frequency extension and definition where the amplifier and loudspeakers are capable of producing and reproducing it.

Professional Musicians Review

"Displays more harmonic detail – decay on acoustic guitar hangs on for longer, for example. Inner keyboard accompaniments are more obvious, adding colour to the mix – music hangs together better now, with a greater feeling of ensemble.

More dynamic punch and detail as well."

NVA Upgrade Option

Customer Review

"I went from LS2 to LS3 in my non-NVA system and the jump was staggering.

The LS2, whilst just being a starter cable to get you going with NVA, sounded way better than the QED Silver Anniversary I had and moving to proper NVA LS3 was a revelation.

The first track played was Danzig 'How the Gods Kill' and I thought I'd screwed up connecting something, as there was a load of hiss and distortion I'd never heard before on the vocal track. I swapped back to LS2 and under focused listening it was still there but not as pronounced. I swapped back and googled the album and it turned out they used a noisy vocal pre-amp when recording and couldn't get rid of the noise but they liked the performance and feel so left it as is.

Every album played has just presented more of what's been recorded and music, it really is good stuff."

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Return Policy

Important Information - Read Before Ordering

Please note all NVA products are built to order so therefore there will be a delivery delay as the production and testing is scheduled. Average delivery time is five to seven days but can on occasion go to 10-14 days depending upon order pressure.

NVA offer a 100% trade in value on our products. If you trade up within the NVA range of products within two years of your purchase date (only applicable to direct sales from us or through eBay). After that date we will still trade in your item but on a sliding scale as to age and condition of the item. You must print out and keep your eBay receipt or invoice to verify your purchase date.

This service and offer is quite unique in the world of audio and hifi.