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NVA Cubette

NVA Cubette

Designed as a semi omni to integrate with the room acoustic instead of fighting it the way normal speakers do.

Over the last year we have been redesigning and putting back into production the Cube speaker systems. The Cubette is the introduction to the Cube range. It is a standmount that is 200mm(h) x 200mm(w) x 200mm(d) in dimensions and constructed of acrylic with ceramic plate with an upward firing 5inch bass / mid driver and a forward firing tweeter.

Upward firing bass driver means the bass notes are in phase with the mechanical coupling as opposed to being 90deg out of phase as with normal speakers. This gives very tight and musical bass. There is no crossover on the bass / mid driver as the driver is doped and designed to attenuate naturally and also the higher the frequency the more directional the signal is so the driver position naturally attenuates as well. The tweeter is a standard unit but it also doped to blend with the bass/mid range driver. There is a single paper in oil capacitor as the low frequency protection for the tweeter, so effectively this is a crossover less loudspeaker, which is of great benefit to the musical reproduction.

As with all NVA products, these are made to order.

Warranty is for two years parts and labour and after that a further three years it will be repaired on a no profit / cost basis.

The Cubette is the introduction to the Cube range of speakers. It is a standmount 200mm(h) x 200mm(w) x 200mm(d) in dimensions, the cabinet is constructed of acrylic with ceramic plate loading with an upward firing 5inch bass / mid driver and a forward firing tweeter.


Customer Review

I'm really impressed by sound. Compare to my Minstrels, bass is much deeper and natural. Stage much wider, more natural soft sound. Dave Brubeck live at Carnegie Hall vinyl give me a lot of so realistic sound and drum was perfect! Dire Straits /Dire Straits sound amazing as well.

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Customer Review

The little Cubettes are dinky and really cute looking! The basic box is very lightweight and a 'thin-wall' design which is perfect for the mass-loading treatment it receives on its journey to becoming a loudspeaker enclosure - the finished articles are heavy for the size. I heard them with the usual Sony DAC, but with an AP20 and LS1 cables, which is how they're most likely to be used I reckon.

Right, here we go with descriptions of the 'sound' of the bloomin' things. After the rather 'tight assed' presentation of the big, now over-damped imo Harbeth SHL5+, I was hoping the Cubette at around a fifteenth of the price would do some of what the Cubix Pro's do and I have to say I WASN'T disappointed at all. Very deep bass cannot be expected from a tiny sealed box and small driver, but what bass was there (a damned sight more than you'd expect) is tight, TUNEFUL and expressive if recorded that way - and more of this latter in a minute... lower mids were again, clear as a bell as I've come to expect, with no smear or cheap-box fuzz to spoil the party. Upper mids again, are something to get used to and then savour, the upward projection of these frequencies definitely being an acquired taste, but one that can be highly addictive. The tweeters as I heard them, didn't interfere at all and were very sweet toned when called into play.

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Return Policy

Important Information - Read Before Ordering

Please note all NVA products are built to order so therefore there will be a delivery delay as the production and testing is scheduled. Average delivery time is five to seven days but can on occasion go to 10-14 days depending upon order pressure.

NVA offer a 100% trade in value on our products. If you trade up within the NVA range of products within two years of your purchase date (only applicable to direct sales from us or through eBay). After that date we will still trade in your item but on a sliding scale as to age and condition of the item. You must print out and keep your eBay receipt or invoice to verify your purchase date.

This service and offer is quite unique in the world of audio and hifi.