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This is a single input headphone amplifier of very high sound quality that will drive 'ANY' headphones even down to 4 ohms and those designed to come direct off speaker outputs. Just confirm headphone type on purchase.

This is the least expensive amplifier in our range, built purely for headphone listening. It is designed to drive any headphone on the market today, even those intended for use via an amplifier's loudspeaker sockets and will provide the very highest musical reproduction.

NVA AP10H Specifications:

Inputs - One line level

Outputs - Headphone jack for high impedance (modern) headphones

Power Output - Frame type

Dimensions - w250mm x 65mm x d205mm


This amplifier is designed to provide an extremely high quality dynamic headphone stereo output from a standard 1/4 inch jack. The unit should remain powered-up indefinitely for best sound -- power consumption is minimal. Connect a CD player to your AP10H and marvel at what you've been missing with your headphone listening up to now.

Warranty is for two years parts and labour and after that a further three years it will be repaired on a no profit / cost basis.

Available in 120v or 240v please stipulate on purchase.

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Important Information - Read Before Ordering

Please note all NVA products are built to order so therefore there will be a delivery delay as the production and testing is scheduled. Average delivery time is five to seven days but can on occasion go to 10-14 days depending upon order pressure.

NVA offer a 100% trade in value on our products. If you trade up within the NVA range of products within two years of your purchase date (only applicable to direct sales from us or through eBay). After that date we will still trade in your item but on a sliding scale as to age and condition of the item. You must print out and keep your eBay receipt or invoice to verify your purchase date.

This service and offer is quite unique in the world of audio and hifi.